Sunday 1 August 2010

If there's a bustle in your hedgerow...

...don't be alarmed now!

Once the clumps of grass are fully dry (overnight), they can be peeled carefully from the foil with tweezers. However, with some, I wanted to try and emulate weeds and undergrowth. The grass was sprayed with photo-mount adhesive and then various shades of ground foam flock were sprinkled over. This was done on the foil and then removed when dry:

The results are quite pleasing, but I'm sure other variations and developments are worth pursuing:

Also, in yesterdays post, the longer fibre strands arrived. Some test pieces were made up with these too:

The fibres come in plastic bags inside a clear perspex box. You will note from previous posts that I have decanted the fibres into old plastic sweet tubs. I also have a couple of spare tubs for mixing the fibres to get a range of shades and lengths in one batch.


Edward Sissling said...

Flocking hell Tony, this looks really good!

Jerry said...

Wow! These look really great! Now I feel foolish for buying those expensive versions from Noch! Thanks for the useful post!