Saturday, 4 June 2016

NEAG Meeting Update

I must try and remember to post details of upcoming meetings....!

The NEAG meeting today was a collaborative effort with me showing a couple of my current small projects and three other group members giving us an account of what they've been up to lately.

The first picture shows yours truly laying my very first minimum space layout on the table. The project is inspired by memories of the transport of explosives to Callerton near Newcastle upon Tyne in the late 1980s.

The second shot shows it at an early stage (last week...!) before the one and only turnout on the layout was installed. The appendage to the right is not a crossbow, honest. It is my very first attempt at a sector plate. I'm quite looking forward to getting on with this micro layout and will put some update on here as soon as there's anything worthy of showing. 

Item number two in the afternoon listings was Alan Whitehouse who outlined the story behind "Fine Scale in 48 Hours" where he and I constructed a layout at Railex in Aylesbury over the 48 hours from Friday to Sunday evening last weekend.

Edward Sissling followed this by demonstrating the assembly of his latest project Ripley Ville Goods. The superstructure is Combitech, a product sold by Edward through the hobby and craft section of his family business. This is Combitech if anyone is interested

The final presentation of the afternon was by Rod McCall who showed us how he has been manipulating the 2mm Scale Association turnout kits to prodce all manner of different geometry from standard kit parts, plus his own scratch built examples using 2mm Scale Association parts

Above is a curved from a straight B9 and below a fully ballasted completed example.

Mick S.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

NEAG Christmas meeting 19th December 2015

At the latest NEAG get together we were all given an interesting and informative insight into Templot. Keith Armes travelled from Manchester to give us the benefit of his knowledge and experience with the program. The view above shows his attentive audience. we see the focus of our attention with Keith, seated to the left of the laptop and projector, describing that which is on the screen. It would have been a mammoth (if not impossible) task to tell us everything about Templot in the time available at a NEAG meeting but everyone agreed this was a useful exercise and since the program is a free download and  relies upon donations, it costs nothing at all to try it out.

Graham Eason's little shop was also present.

Tea up....!
 The ladies in the kitchen from the left, Fiona, Gerry, Margaret, Gilda and Audrey

And lastly - Yvonne was in the kitchen but here 'snapped' waiting to serve the corned beef pie.
Thank you ladies for another year of grand catering.

Worthy of note; with the end of 2015 Yvonne celebrates 25 years continuous catering for the NEAG. Thank you very much from us all.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

NEAG Meeting update

Well, that's a bit rich when I didn't even publish a notice of the meeting..! Holidays and other matters meant I never got round to it.

Saturday the 4th July was the date at our usual church hall venue. We were one month later than normal because of the aforementioned holiday. This time was an all day session when nine of our group put together one of the new 2mm Scale Association turnout kits. If we had not spent our usual time eating food and drinking tea nine people would have gone away with a working turnout. 

We are not bothered about this - drinking tea/coffee and eating is a bonding exercise..!

In fact six people did complete the turnout unit -  maybe minus check rails in some cases, two were within an hour of completing and one was some way further off. To be fair he did have some issues with his specs...! 
But it won't stop him finishing the turnout

The day provided some useful feedback and picked up a typo or two in the instructions, all of which will be fed back to 'ground control'. All in all, a successful day.

Here are some pictures that I took during the day.

Above - a general view with pictures of everyone who took part.

 Above - part way through.

 And the six virtually complete.

Some of those who took part were absolute beginners, i.e. the people at whom the kits are primarily aimed, and the builder of one of the kits completed had not attempted anything like this before. It has to be said, if you have a desire to build something then you'll have no trouble putting these together.

Mick S.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

NEAG Meeting 18th October 2014

There's not been an awful lot of activity on the NEAG blog of late so just to prove we're still about we enjoyed a presentation by Dave Jones of DJModels.

This proved to be a very interesting and entertaining afternoon. By prior arrangement we were joined by members of the North East and Borders Area Group of the EM Gauge Society courtesy of Keith Smart. Well, there's a little bit of cross pollination here because being a member of the EM Gauge Society myself I have one foot in that camp too...!

There were 30 of us in total who heard Dave describe his overall philosophy in relation to production of models, principally locomotives, in 'N' 'OO' and 'O' gauges.

It goes without saying we all enjoyed the afternoon very much indeed and eagerly await the first offerings which will be the result of Dave's labours. He obviously knows a bit about the environment in which model manufacturers find themselves. 

Above is a picture taken during the course of Dave's presentation. Not many of our speaker's continue after tea, but Dave did and that, I think, shows the interest that exists within not only our group but also those who work in a different scale.

Mick S.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

NEAG Update 5th April

There was a good turnout of members wanting to take advantage of the all day session this time and as can be seen by the first few pictures they all had plenty of space in which to work. In total here were 14 of the group who were putting together a wagon chassis (some managed the body too....!) although all those who put together a chassis weren't able to stay to have their work photographed. Here are the assembled workers.....!

Fourteen of those present were working on construction of a wagon.

Left to right; Andrew, Geoff, John, Gareth, Philip and just to the right of Philip, Tom was sitting - where's he gone...? (kitchen for a cuppa....!) Graham, who was there with his vehicles, is in the background between Andrew and Geoff.

Left to right; Steve (standing), David and Edward. 

A candid shot of Simon beavering away.

Terry and Ed.

Bob and Kit with another shot of Andrew with Graham in the background.

Steve, AKA Shop 2.

Nearly forgot. This is a shot taken at lunch time - some ate at their work stations, now there's dedication.....!

Below are the results of the day's efforts. Not everyone tackled the 2mm Scale Association mineral wagon kit but you can see below all who took part achieved a result. The builders will recognise their work and all of these vehicles were constructed during the course of today's meeting. There are some missing, but as aforesaid, one or two of our number had left before the photographs of models were taken. Some got further in the construction than others but it wasn't intended to be a race and everyone seemed to enjoy the working session and got something from it.

We also have some suggestion for future all day sessions. 

Oh.......a point of note. Everyone is smiling. Not because we're happy - it's wind. Yvonne had made two pans of  1. a delicious country broth and 2. a soup that was high in butternut squash content. This, of course was in addition to the more usual sandwiches, pizza and sausage rolls etc. and the cakes and fresh cream scones that we had at tea time. Thanks again to Yvonne, Gerry and Neville in the kitchen.....!

Mick S.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

In the Distant 5th April 2014

North East Area Group meeting information.

Saturday 5th April 2014
St Barnabas Church Hall Bournmoor
Time - Please Note 10am – 6pm. (approx.)

The date of the above all day session has been set for some time now. This is the first of our all day sessions so let’s see how many people can participate. If you have never built anything it’s a great way to get started with so much expertise on hand to help you through what is essentially a fairly simple project. If you have built wagons before then why not bring your current project (or even start a new one) and while doing so pass on your experience to those who will be doing this for the first time. Below you will find the suggested list of tools for those who are going to build a wagon from start to finish. The list is, of course, not exhaustive and you may well wish to bring along other items you already have as part of your tool kit so feel free to bring along anything you think you might need. I, and others will also be bringing tool kits along so you won’t go short of the where with all to complete your project. Those of you who possess such a thing as a travelling tool kit similar to those we discussed at one of our recent meetings will find almost everything you need you will probably already have..!

In no particular order of importance:-
1. A work board
2. Desktop lamp
3. Soldering iron, solder, flux & flux applicator.
4. Needle files
5. Good quality tweezers
6. Fibre glass scratch brush emery paper either loose or stuck to a piece of tufnol with double sided tape.
7. Something to use as a bending bar e.g. a miniature engineers square. (to enable a true right angle for
bending the ‘W’ irons).
8. A small vice would be useful but if not some flat nosed pliers are a good second.
9. A selection of small drills together with a pin vice
10. Set of small jewellers broaches (reamers).
11. A fairly long electrical extension would be handy but if enough of us bring them we’ll all manage on
the day.

Don’t forget the event is open to everyone even at the last minute because there will be a plentiful supply of kits available to allow anyone to come along at the 11th hour and participate. We will be starting at 10am and break around 1pm for lunch. There will be some freshly cooked home made soup available together with some of the usual goodies normally available at our usual tea time. No later than 2pm we shall be back ‘at it’ and then a short break again at 4pm when there will be some liquid refreshments with a scones, cake and biscuits etc. but nothing in the way savoury food to enable a fairly quick tidy up at the close of play. 

Mick S.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Another Project

This is one of those occasions when I'm glad I don't make a great deal of progress. 

Some time ago I bought myself a 2mm Scale Association (Higgs) set of conversion etches for the new Farish 08. Well I did in fact by two sets of etches and said I'd build the first set for a friend. Looking back at the pictures I took along the way I see I started the build in July 2012 and when recently I saw a discussion on the VAG concerning the different methods of achieving a good result (well everyone has their own way of doing things don't they?) I chipped in with something like "I'll blog you the pictures I took as I worked through the construction of mine...." thinking it would just be a simple matter of digging out the pictures - wrong...!

It turns out that I still have all of the pictures except for the ones I took as I constructed the etched frame for the front buffer beam and steps etc. which were as I recall now accidentally deleted. All is not lost though because the project, being temporarily stalled means I only have catch up, so to speak by, taking a few pictures now (which I've done) and the story won't be too disjointed. The VAG discussion plus the N10 being finished gave me the impetus to get going again. It will not be full words and music here because I originally intended it to be a 2mm Magazine article.

Having got that out of the way I can now tell you how I have decided to put the footplate together. 

My plan is to construct the working chassis complete with outside frames as a single unit and using the Farish footplate/running board minus most of the plastic detail except the thinned down front and rear buffer beams because it provides a reasonable means of allowing fixing of the chassis to the upper parts whilst keeping away from one another those bits that need isolating. 

The pictures below show 1) Front view of the 'cage', as I will call it, consisting of the buffer beam and steps.

2) A rear view of the cage i.e. from the inside.

3) the upturned 08 body with the 'cage loosely sitting theron.

You can all see the remains of the plastic running board which was glued on with quick setting epoxy resin. There is a small amount of plastic buffer beam at the front end to which the cage will eventually be fixed and you can see the rear buffer beam is still largely intact including the buffers. Even thinned down these seem surprisingly strong.

I did take pictures of the process of filing and shaping the running board but, alas, they are gone. Still, that's no great loss and I'll endeavour to keep posting as progress is made in future so hopefully avoid any further photographic mishaps.

Mick S.