Saturday, 16 December 2017

NEAG December meeting update.

NEAG members had their Christmas get together today and it took the form of show and tell with a number of people bringing along projects heitherto unseen., and we all hade a general chit chat of an afternoon.

There was a pause in the proceedings to allow 2mm Scale Association Chairman Andy Hansen the opportunity to present Alan Whitehouse with the Geoff Balfour Memorial Trophy awarded at the recent AGM in Farnham, for his article on the building of Hallam Town published in issue 249 of Model Railway Journal and entitled Fine Scale in 48 Hours.

Oh yes, and then the obligatory light tea followed soon after...............


That seemed to go down well. 

During the course of next year we have decided to do an all day session on 'simple conversions' so watch this space. Already there are 12 NEAG members who have intimated interest in the day long session which will be similar to the wagon and turnout building days we have had in the past.

I was asked today about the Callaton project and in particular there were questions about the stonework samples I'm making from 3mm expanded polystyrene sculptorboard. This is a subject not yet covered in my account which has appeared in two installments in the 2mm Magazine. I will be writing more on the subject for Anthony but in the meantime I am putting some details on to a forum call Western Thunder which can be accessed here Western Thunder for anyone with the remotest interest in other people's activities. It's not exclusively 2mm but that makes it a bit more interesting, I think. My ramblings are contained within the section devoted to the MRJ Cameo Competition at the very bottom of ther main page. 

Finally, we in the NEAG wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy modelling New Year.

Mick S. 

Saturday, 7 October 2017

October Meeting update

Today we were all treated to a tour of the main scenic feature on one of John Aldrick's latest projects - 'Ivybridge Viaduct' in GWR territory. The project is really rather ambitious but the manner in which he is accomplishing it is very neat. I understand an article is in preparation for the 2mm Magazine so I will not go into the why's and wherefore's in too much detail save to say that what has been adopted here is very much a multi medium approach, with resin casting, 3D printing, etched detail and traditional construction methods all combined to show a very realistic result.

The first picture shows the assembled NEAG bunch being attentive (as you would expect) with John just out of shot to the right and is the focus of our attention as he guides us through the various parts of his presentation.

The lower photograph is cropped and shows in a little more detail the how the viaduct is coming along. Ivybridge station building in its early stages of construction can be seen to the right hand end of the bridge.

Certainly one to watch...!

Mick S

Sunday, 13 August 2017

August Meeting

The north east group met yesterday for the first time since the 35th anniversary bash and were treated to a masterclass in point bending. Rod McCall showed us all how he uses his own method (as described in the 2mm Magazine) to bend a turnout to almost any desired radius, within reason of course. His starting pitch was to hand round a turnout that had been curved and asked the question "How did it start out" Everyone guessed wrongly because it started out life as a right handed turnout but finished up depicting a very slightly left hand curved.The process as descibed by Rod and illustrated in front of everyone is really simple and straightforward.

In the picture you see us all sat listening to Rod. Also most noticable behind him is the 2mm Scale Association new Road Show banner for the larger shows. Very impressive.

Mick S.

Friday, 24 March 2017

For Sale: Brafferton

Due to changes in my circumstances, i am offering this layout for sale:

Saturday, 17 December 2016

NEAG Christmas meeting update

A good number of NEAG members came along for the Christmas meeting, the theme of which was a 'show and tell' day.

My apologies straight away for the poor quality of photographs. My old compact wasn't up to the poor lighting conditions without a tripod and some of the images weren't even good enough for reproduction on the blog, but hopefully you will get a flavour of what was on show.

Above we see John Aldrick's 'Ivybridge' with some of those lovely kit built coaches for which John has become very well known. Although in its very early stages the layout is very nice and just shows what can be achieved scenically in 2FS.

Above, Tony Simms brought along his embryonic 'Hull Bridge' layout that uses foamboard as its basis. Very lightweight indeed.

Anthony Yeates had with him 'Corrieshalloch' for all to see the progress. Anthony said he had't managed to get as much done lately as he would have liked but if you ask  me it's shaping up quite nicely. Because the layout has its own lighting you can possibly see a slight improvement in the picture quality.

More of Anthony's work here with track now ballasted and examples of models produced from his own etchings.

Here is my own little project layout, a minimum space (2' 6" scenically) and very basic indeed, simplicity being the order of the day. I'm not going to blether on about it here but I will be 'writing it up'.

What I will do here is answer one of the most frequently asked questions of the afternoon. What's it sitting on? These are trestles that have been made (or rather are being made, because they're not quite finished yet) from a German product called Combitech.

Our local supplier is none other than Edward Sissling who stocks it at his Bradford based architectural ironmongery business. Here's web address to the site's Hobby and Craft section.
You may have to copy and paste this into your browser.

If that fails just google A C Sissling and click on the Hobby and Craft tab on the home page. Combitech is extremely light and although a little more expensive than timber is much more durable so will last through several layouts....!

Compliments of the season to all.

Mick S.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hull Bridge - Old School - New Beginning

Time to start on a new layout. After Brafferton, I want a bit of a change; a smaller layout and a different era.

Hull Bridge will be a Hull and Barnsley layout set in the early c20th. Hull Bridge itself is a fictitious location and supposes that the H&BR built another small goods yard just east of Sculcoates goods station, on the opposite side of the River Hull. It will be urban in nature with ranges of warehousing and goods handling facilities.

I already have a baseboard, built with foamboard, that was originally intended for a BR blue layout subsequently aborted as James lost interest in model railways. I have successfully used this technique for baseboard construction before on Masham.

I have also decided to go back to basics, so the trackwork is all copperclad soldered construction and of necessity I will have to scratchbuild/kitbash much of the stock. The buildings will be generally of card construction with brickpaper rendering.

So far I have developed a track plan and applied this to the existing baseboard. I have made a start on track work with some lengths of plain track and one crossover manufactured. ]

I have yet to finalise the scenic features and would welcome any input on the nature of the buildings and any photographic examples that might help me along.

As always, any comments are more than welcome.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

NEAG Meeting Update

The picture shows a reduced number of NEAG members (Due to Wigan show and other abstractions...!) being guided through the topic for the day by Martin.

In addition to the innovative design of templates for constructing turnouts using flat bottomed rail Martin also displayed early examples of his laser cut servo mounting plates, and described the more expensive 3D printed versions which he does not recommend. He also had with him some interesting pieces of kit for controlling servos (MERG ones) and some very reasonably priced relays for changing crossing polarity. All together quite an interesting afternoon.

I've not placed any pictures here but there will be some eventually because as can be seen our own 2mm Magazine Editor was present and I understand there may be something in preparation for a future issue of the 2mm Magazine.

As aforesaid, while we were all enjoying the afternoon discussion/demo certain of our number were flying the flag at Wigan where as I understand things a sound decoder was purchased and fitted during the show. I'm hoping there may be some news of that here soon.

I have been conductiing my own experiments with sound and a small project type layout of very minimalistic proportions. I'll be posting some pictures here in the not too distant future so keep your eyes peeled...!

Mick S