Saturday 15 November 2008

DG's On 45

Work continues on my Farish 'Peak' conversion, with DG couplings now fitted.

The bogie frame assembly is a U-channel plastic affair. This shot shows the end filled in with a double thickness of black plasticard, drilled 1.1mm, tapping size for 12BA. It is secured with 2-part epoxy.

In the shot below we can see the rear of the plasticard infill, with a captive 12BA nut. The plasticard is counter-bored undersize and the nut pressed home in a vice, before the infill is bonded in position.

Below we see the cosmetic outer frame/bufferbeam unit clipped back into place. The original Rapido type coupling slot has been widened to about 2.25mm and lengthened by about 1mm.

The DG coupling was drilled 12BA clearance size and then bent through 90 degrees at the point where it widens out to it's mounting plate. The bend position is first scribed with a scrawker, to ensure a neat, tight bend. After bending it is reinforced with solder.

Here we see the underside. A 12BA screw with head diameter and thickness reduced and reslotted with a one of those ultra thin 0.3mm files from shop 1.

The couplings and screws have now been blackened and buffers reinstalled. The saw cuts need filling/tidying and the red paint touching up. How many of the brake pipes etc can be installed without fouling the DG couplings remains to me seen!

Over the weekend I will be fitting the decoder chip and reassembling the loco. This loco is going to be renumbered as D32 which as far as I can tell was the only Leeds Holbeck based machine with centre headcodes prior to March 1965. It would be great if Farish could do a split headcode version!

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