Wednesday 12 November 2008

Close to the Edge: Brafferton Update: Track

I've got to say that track construction and laying is far from the top of my preferences. However, without trackwork it wouldn't really be a model railway, would it? So, I persevere! Having almost completed the pointwork on board No.2, I turn my attention to spanning the joins between the two boards. 

You will remember that Edward helped me construct some very accurate boards using what was effectively a kit of pieces from Alan Smith. The quality of these, especially the joins, has proved invaluable. Each time I join up two boards, they come to exactly the same position.

Now, having purchased some milled sleepering for baseboard joins, I proceed. A piece of Easitrac was made up, but with a ten sleeper gap in the middle. The milled sleepers were PVA'd across a board join and allowed to thoroughly dry. I then placed the Easitrac over this join and glued that in alignment with the track on each board. Once the Easitrac PVA had set, I inserted individual chair etches (Fencehouses) between milled sleepers and rail and soldered them solid.

Notice that there are three different track methods in evidence below; Easitrac, milled PCB unit and, at the join between two Easitrac sections, single PCB sleepers with Fencehouses etches:

Happy that all was solidly affixed to each other, I took the piercing saw and carefully slit through the rail and PCB base to re-establish the baseboard split:

I hope to progress and complete board No.2 in the next few days and then carry onto the final scenic board. Then wiring and point operation will be the priority...


Anonymous said...

Looks very neat Tony, as I will be using Esitrack for my main layout, I shall probably do the same at the baseboard joints.
It’s helpful having accurate baseboard ends; Alan is a useful guy to know. He has built me a travel box for Marks Quay, much better than my own effort.
Hopefully I will get back to blog posting next week as I have made some progress over the summer.
Keep up the good work.
Peter Whitehead

N Bastable said...

I have some of the milled units for the baseboard ends and was pleased to see that how I thought they would work was more or less correct thanks for posting