Tuesday 15 January 2008

Through the Wires

As promised, here are some pics of the N8 showing the chip installation.

i. General arrangement. The wires have been tweaked a bit more now, so that the front of the chip is higher.

ii. Front view showing the various bits of wiring. There is very little room either side of the motor and none on top where the rear spectacle plate actually touches the top of the motor. In comparison to find space for the wires, getting space for the chip was relatively easy.

iii. As such the wires are visible along the inside of the footplate; being orange doesn't help either! A touch of dark grey should render these much less obtrusive; the light grey one on the other side is less obvious even in its original state.

iv. The chip nestles nicely in the roof space and from all but the lowest viewpoints is invisible. A relative success and fairly quick and easy.

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