Sunday 13 January 2008

Lets Get Digital

As I mentioned in the VAG, my Lenz system is now up and running. I have also successfully chipped the N8.

I thought the chip would fit in the tank area, but it soon became apparent that I would need to remove some of the boiler, and associated weight, to get sufficient space above the wheels. The cab area was the backup and I initially decided that I could stick it to the motor with some of the double sticky foam that comes with the chip. This proved to be too obtrusive; the chip and foam were very visible astride the motor.

By then, I'd wired the chip in as per instructions and it became apparent that the wires were sufficiently stiff to carry the chip. I therefore removed the foam and allowed the chip to float free. By tweaking the wires, the chip sits snugly inside the roof area and is substantially less visible. As recommended, I insulated the inside of the body against potential shorts; sellotape worked fine for this.

If I were building the N8 now, I'd allow space to mount the chip in the tanks. The result I have is the best, I think for a loco not built with DCC in mind. Here, with the help of my daughter, are my first tentative steps into DCC;

I'll post some close-ups of the loco in the next day or so.

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Edward Sissling said...

Good innit?

I see you still have it on the factory set address of 3. All mine are 2 digit coded in order of conversion. I'm not convinced about using the last two or four digits of the loco number in our scale. The owner might know them off by heart but guest operators will not and you won't always be close enough to read them in 2mm scale!

Have you had a play with the 5 pre-set motor CV values yet? You'll normally find that all work well enough but one will be far sweeter than all the others. It's also fun to play around with the acceleration and braking delays. Unless you have DecoderPro it's best to create a chart and record the CV values for each loco as you change them.

CV tweaking with the LH90 can be a bit of a hassle. You should aim to get a 2nd hand LH100 via E-Bay as soon as you can, or go the hole hog into DecoderPro and a SPROG. I'm happy enough with the LH100 for now.