Wednesday 19 December 2007

False Start

So that's the NE Xmas bash over for another year. Very nice too; lots of lovely grub and one of Micks private DVDs to boot.

Well a privately owned DVD about colliery lines in the North-East anyway. An excellent DVD with cinefilm from the fifties through the early seventies and bags of atmosphere.

There was a good selection of models on show from various members, and I took the D49 and got some valuable advice from Bob as well as a spare bit of etch which I'd pinged the original of.

Now I mentioned that I was going DCC and recently took delivery of a Lenz 90 Set, Transformer and 2 Mini Silver Decoders. Unfortunately on powering up, the handset didn't respond, merely shining all of its merry LEDs at me! I rang the supplier who offered a replacement, but suggested I speak to Mackay Models before doing so as they might have a simple solution. They didn't, but offered to sort the problem for me. Very decent seeing as they didn't sell me the kit in the first place! I await the returned, working, items with eagerness. No doubt it will be after Christmas now...

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