Wednesday 28 November 2007

Lets Get Metaphysical

Have you noticed how some of the things we do whilst modelling have a quality which transcends the actual modelling? For example, to me, the act of cutting good quality cardboard with a brand-new scalpel brings a certain pleasure that bears no relation to what is actually being modelled. I could, in theory, be most content just cutting small squares of cardboard all day. In reality, of course, the end product has importance, but think next time you sit down to do some modelling, "What am I getting out of this?" It might help prioritise the kind of modelling you should be doing.

Another activity which pulls the strings for me is using the Piercing Saw. Now I haven't had this bit of kit out of late, but progress on the D49 means that I am now in a position to remove the metal components which currently straddle the chassis sideframes. Gently pulling the blade over the metal etches and feeling the cut, almost as easy as a knife through butter, is satisfaction made physical.

So the D49 moves slowly forward. The spacers were fabricated and drilled and gapped. On the whole their placing was relatively straightforward. The instruction warn that one of the drive gears is close to a spacer and care is needed. In reality I found that the space allowed was fairly generous and ought not to cause a problem. A couple of spacers had to be soldered down between the frames flush with some half-etched lines (to subsequently mount the brake-gear). I found this quite tricky and a couple of tabs in the frames to aid location might have been a good idea. Anyway I persevered and they're in the right place now. I hope!

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Mick S said...

That's coming along champion. Two things - 1 bring it along on the
15th and don't forget to save all the larger images for the D49 Magazine article......!