Wednesday 27 May 2020


Well hello,

This is my first attempt to blog and thanks to Mick S for helping me today.
I'm not good at computers, so bear with me.

Hopefully attached are photos of my little layout and my entire locomotive and wagon fleet!
Bob Jones wagons and a re-profiled Graham Farrish. Wagons are great, the loco works and I use it to make sure that the turnouts do what they are supposed to do.

Since the pictures were taken I have had a John Cleese moment (don't we all) and a new layout has risen from the ashes so it is a bit different from what you see here.

I'm trying to base it on the Hetton Railway in Sunderland so probably no passenger stock and lots of bashed up NCB wagons. I'm good at bashed up wagons and dodgy track!

The buildings are kits I bought from Warley, not sure about the scale but they look ok on the layout. Just in the middle of building some colliery buildings that will act as a scenic break. 

 More will follow, now wheres the camera?

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