Sunday 26 April 2020

NBR Waverley 3

During the lockdown I have been able to progress my 2mm loft layout 'Copshawholm' and I enclose a few images which I hope you will find of interest.

The above view is the south end of the station and also shows the yard exit road. Aargh - that fence is glaring white!

The above shows the north exit with the goods yard on the right. I had to block off the view through the bridges, or the fiddle yards would have been visible! The wobbly station fencing needs some attention.

The above shows the level crossing at the south end of the station.
Still no ballast on the tracks! I need to to pluck up some courage to tackle this.
I am all too aware that the photos seems to give a 'too clean', almost 'toy-like'  appearance although I have tried to apply weathering. Also the track is the original system of rail soldered direct to copper clad paxolin sleepers which gives a wonderfully robust and strong track but it's appearance does not compare well with the Association's new Easitrak.
This shows another view of the north exit and includes a view of the wooden shed used by the pw gangs. It includes LED lighting (as do the station buildings and the signal box) although this does not show up too well unless the layout's overhead lights are switched off. The wagon is BR - I do have some NBR wagons which I should have used.
The final image shows the station buildings. I really need to tone down the general colours of the layout!
As you can see there is still lots to do to improve the layout's appearance. However, operating the layout with its lever frame is great fun.

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