Sunday 5 April 2020

A Warning to Coffee (and Tea) Drinkers

I noticed this morning that one of the chassis was not sitting quite square under the mineral wagon body, so I decided to split the two and re-attach in the (hopefully) correct position.
To keep my attention span going, I had just made a fresh cup of coffee, which was sitting near the edge of the table.
As I had used superglue to attach chassis to body, I used a knife blade to separate them - relatively easily in fact.
However, when they finally did part, the chassis shot up in the air about a foot and landed - you've guessed it - right in the middle of my cup of coffee!
There must be a moral here somewhere, but I will still carry on modelling and drinking coffee.

1 comment:

Geoff Hodson said...

At least it landed where you could salvage it (although the coffee may have been a write-off).
My problem is that of small parts pinging out of the tweezers and disappearing into another spacial dimension. It must be the 5th dimension of space-time, because I can never find them again!
Geoff Hodson