Saturday 4 April 2020

Scrapheap challenge

Hi All,

In the spirit of keeping in touch, I thought I would update you with what I've been working on during the lockdown (apart from actual work, that is!). I decided to have a go at scratchbuilding a Highland Railway 0-6-0T "scrap tank" to work my DJLC layout. This would never have been possible without the extra year, I hasten to add!

Rather than etching (which will have to wait until after the current shutdown), I decided to go with a milled brass chassis that I can produce at home and will add much-needed weight to this small loco. The photos below show you the progress I've made this week, and you can read a blow-by-blow account on RMweb here.

One of the challenges of this particular prototype is that it has outside motion, but I figured it would be simpler to cut my teeth on this than on the Skye Bogie that I really want for Corrieshalloch...

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