Sunday 4 February 2018

NEAG Meetiong update

Below you can judge for yourselves what interest point rodding genrated yesterday at our the Bournmoor NEAG gathering. We were all treated to an interesting and impressive afternoon of theory, practice and modelling practicality on the subject of point rodding. Laurie Adams (standing in the photograph below guiding us through some photographs of the real thing and the model) told us all how with the help of Bob Jones he designed the etches that produce what is an essenmtial part of any railway scene where tracks diverge. If you've never modelled it then you probably never think of it. But, once you've seen it modelled, a layout is going to look incomplete without. I'm sure this was the conclusion reached by a good number of those present. Also on view was an example of rodding recently installed on Alan Whitehouse's revamped Mini MSW. I regret I didn't get a picture of MSW due to helping out in the kitchen and the fact there were a lot of people round it looking so I put off getting the shot - then forgot...! 

Plenty food for thought - the etches are now in the 2mm Scale Association shop. Thanks to Laurie for producing them in the first place and also coming up to tell us all how they go together.

My little Callaton layout because of its simplicity is just crying out for this sort of thing.

Mick S.

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