Tuesday 23 January 2018

NEAG Meeting Sat 3rd February 2018

The nex NEAG meeting sees us welcome Laurie Adams to give us what promises to be an informative afternoon on the subject of point rodding which he has developed in collaboration with Bob Jones. For 2mm Scale Association members please see shop notes in the December 2mm Newsletter for details of what is available in the way of etches. Also look out for the latest issue of Model Railway Journal for Laurie’s article on the subject. Because these items are quite small it will greatly assist to see them on a very large screen so Laurie intends doing a slide show presentation first in advance of the practical demonstration that will follow. 

In addition Alan Whitehouse who has already installed some of this point rodding on his revamped Mini MSW layout will be bringing that along so we can all to see what a difference it can make. 

Laurie tells me there is a lot to get through during the afternoon so we will be starting at 2.15pm instead of the normal 2.30pm so get in early and get a cup of tea…

For the very near future (March) we have a chassis conversion day planned of which more anon.

Mick S.

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