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In the Distant 5th April 2014

North East Area Group meeting information.

Saturday 5th April 2014
St Barnabas Church Hall Bournmoor
Time - Please Note 10am – 6pm. (approx.)

The date of the above all day session has been set for some time now. This is the first of our all day sessions so let’s see how many people can participate. If you have never built anything it’s a great way to get started with so much expertise on hand to help you through what is essentially a fairly simple project. If you have built wagons before then why not bring your current project (or even start a new one) and while doing so pass on your experience to those who will be doing this for the first time. Below you will find the suggested list of tools for those who are going to build a wagon from start to finish. The list is, of course, not exhaustive and you may well wish to bring along other items you already have as part of your tool kit so feel free to bring along anything you think you might need. I, and others will also be bringing tool kits along so you won’t go short of the where with all to complete your project. Those of you who possess such a thing as a travelling tool kit similar to those we discussed at one of our recent meetings will find almost everything you need you will probably already have..!

In no particular order of importance:-
1. A work board
2. Desktop lamp
3. Soldering iron, solder, flux & flux applicator.
4. Needle files
5. Good quality tweezers
6. Fibre glass scratch brush emery paper either loose or stuck to a piece of tufnol with double sided tape.
7. Something to use as a bending bar e.g. a miniature engineers square. (to enable a true right angle for
bending the ‘W’ irons).
8. A small vice would be useful but if not some flat nosed pliers are a good second.
9. A selection of small drills together with a pin vice
10. Set of small jewellers broaches (reamers).
11. A fairly long electrical extension would be handy but if enough of us bring them we’ll all manage on
the day.

Don’t forget the event is open to everyone even at the last minute because there will be a plentiful supply of kits available to allow anyone to come along at the 11th hour and participate. We will be starting at 10am and break around 1pm for lunch. There will be some freshly cooked home made soup available together with some of the usual goodies normally available at our usual tea time. No later than 2pm we shall be back ‘at it’ and then a short break again at 4pm when there will be some liquid refreshments with a scones, cake and biscuits etc. but nothing in the way savoury food to enable a fairly quick tidy up at the close of play. 

Mick S.

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This site is excellent and so is how the subject matter was explained. I also like some of the comments too.
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