Tuesday 5 July 2011

NEAG Meeting update plus

The North East group's point building continued on Saturday 2nd July with those builders present making good progress.

Also during the course of the meeting there was a discussion on whether or not to adopt a mentoring system for some of the more protracted aspects of 2mm modelling. As this developed it became apparent there was also a need for a workshop on basic soldering techniques and so our next group meeting would probably feature something based around this topic. In addition two volunteers were enlisted to make a short video on this subject.

Sunday 3rd July saw members of the group assembled at the site of one of our local preserved railways, the Tanfield Railway. This is one of the oldest railways in the world and boasts the oldest railway bridge 'Causey Arch' built in 1725.

The small (30 seats) coach had been hired for our exclusive use for the duration of the day which meant that members could do a couple of trips then alight to visit the shed and other places of interest on the site before returning to the train for another blast up the line. Light refreshments were served up courtesy of Yvonne and Sue. Here are a couple of pictures showing us during the course of the day followed by a couple of links, one to youtube showing our train engine running round at East Tanfield (the diminutive tank reminds me of John Greenwood's Wenford Bridge) and the other is Tanfield Railway website which may be of interest.

Mick S

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