Sunday 8 May 2011

NEAG Meeting update

At the recent NEAG meeting five members came along with track parts and started the plastic platelaying session. More had expressed an interest but were for one reason or another unable to attend. We're doing the same next time so they can catch up then.

Whilst this was never intended to be a full blown point building workshop because of time constraints I am pleased to say that everyone who started building a point reached the same position at the conclusion of the meeting and all went away having fixed a milled base to the recommended flat surface and all were able to complete the construction of a crossing vee and common crossing using the Easitrac jigs.

The pictures show our Secretary Andy Hansen examining his efforts, Terry Lawson (who may not have realised he was being photographed due to the intensity of his concentration) and a view of the general working area that was set aside.

It has to be said we would have maybe made a little more progress had it not been for that other event that takes place, usually around 4pm......!

Mick S

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