Saturday 10 July 2010

Haromthwaite 2: Baseboard Assembly

Ok, nearly 17 months have elapsed since the first installment, but in mitigation I have been busy out on the circuit with 'Niddbeck Bridge', the 2mm Roadshow, helping to organise Golden Jubilee events etc. The recent brilliant Oxford Expo has also given me a kick up the arse and got me all fired up again!

The board 'kits' were assembled using aliphatic resin wood glue (Deluxe Materials Super 'Phatic) and a couple of joiners try-squares.

Some chisel-work then ensued to mortice-in the 51 x 28mm brass cabinet butt hinges (satin chrome plated). The screws were very near the inside edges of the ply sides so small thickener pieces were glued in place first. The hinges were fitted with sufficient knuckle projection to allow 2mm thick ply or MDF facia and backscene to be fitted at a later stage and still allow 180 degrees of fold.

Opposite each hinge position is a simple 8mm turned steel furniture male/female dowel for board to board alignment. These were epoxied in place.

To hold the boards together in the open position cylinder mortice magnetic catches with 6kg of pull are used and epoxied into place. As the layout is designed to sit atop a trestle table on the front of the 2mm Roadshow it doesn't really need anything more secure. 6kg of pull is sufficient force to hold the boards together during operation and easy enough to break apart for folding at the end of the session. Magnets will probably be also used to hold the boards together in the closed position but these will be installed at the same time as the facia/backscene panels.

Next up will be the 'fiddle sector plates' at each end. I am also conscious that I need to give some background information on the prototypes that are the inspiration for this little demo piece, and a track plan.


Yorkshire Square said...

Mmm. Very clever! Look forward to developments...

Graham Roberts said...

Your baseboards always seem to be deceptively simple but toally solid and reliable! What's the track plan going to be?