Tuesday 20 July 2010

Can You Tell What It Is Yet?

Once more into the breach. Well into the study anyway. As you can see, the whisky has been replaced by coffee, but otherwise the song remains the same. These are the left-hand panels being finished:

Suitably dry, they're offered up to the backboard and trimming measurements taken:

The right-hand panels are already in place. Except for the curved bit at the end; that awaits a final piece of support on the outer face of the layout where the return curve is:

Two panels in place from tonight's efforts. It is important to let the panels dry before butting up the next one, to minimise shrinkage gaps; it's a bit like wallpapering your room:

The more eagle-eyed of you will notice some removal of ground cover. Foam flocking has been removed and this will be revisited with static grass; shaker gubbins were acquired at Oxford and flock is in transit as I type. More on that soon. I hope!

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