Wednesday 7 January 2009

Post-Christmas Blues

Apart from a bit of wagon building over the Christmas holidays, there is very little progress to report on my GJLC entry. The baseboards are part complete, and await a couple of free evenings (and some renewed enthusiasm on my part) for me to try and finish them off. In the meantime, I've been doing some tests on laying and ballasting of track.

The photo about shows my NER brake van sitting on a short piece of painted Easitrac which I ballasted using 'chinchilla dust' (obtainable from pet shops). The track was stuck down onto an offcut of thin plywood with double sided tape, and ballast placed dry around the sleepers and tamped down onto the adhesive tape. The ballast was then misted with car screenwash to hold it in place and Super-phatic resin adhesive dribbled over the ballast. When it was all dry, the ballast was still loose in places, so I gave it a spray of Humbrol matt varnish.

I wasn't entirely happy with this approach - it was a bit messy, and the ballast isn't very secure even now. I'm going to try a few different adhesives and ballast and hopefully find something that works a bit better.
One other project I'm hoping to start soon is an Ivatt 2-6-2t using a Dapol body and the chassis etch developed by Nigel Hunt (and advertised in the latest 2mm Magazine). I've now got all the bits I need to start construction, so watch this space for some progress reports!



Mick Simpson said...


This looks good. Will you let me have your record of events for inclusion in the Magazine?


N Bastable said...

nice looking brake van was thsi a kit or scratchbuilt ?

Andy Hanson said...

Hi Nick,

It's an etched brass body kit from BH Enterprises (the artwork is apparently reduced from a 4mm scale kit). The chassis is from the 2mm Assoc. with footboards added and brake gear 'modified' (ie. bodged!).