Sunday 21 December 2008

Drastic Plastic: Brafferton Update

Having mocked up the bridge and been satisfied with the result, I thought I'd better get the actual model built. I took the layout up to the Area Meeting on 13 December and it attracted some very encouraging comments; always an incentive to press on!

On Masham I used brickpaper over card for the built structures. With more stonework evident at Brafferton (although the station building is in the majority brick), I decided to take the embossed plasticard route. The main shell was constructed from 40 thou card using the mock-up, drawings and photos as a guide:

The stonework on the arches is very prominent. These were formed from individual pieces of the embossed plasticard which was affixed back-to-front to conceal the embossing. The string course was fabricated from two layers of plain plasticard and will be notched to represent individual stones. Once these two elements were in place, the arched sections were infilled. The results are a bit gappy in places, but a bit of grouting will overcome this before the whole structure is given a light abrading:

The undersides of the arches are not yet in place and there are lintel stones required at the top of each pier and along the parapets. But I'm pleased with progress to date:

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