Sunday 27 July 2008

Brafferton Update - 3. Site Visit

"But you said you'd tell us about Easitrac!"

I know; I lied. As I haven't got the tracklaying photos sorted yet, I thought I'd tell you about my site visit. This sort of thing is a must if you're modelling a real place. I used to live just 10 minutes away from Brafferton, but it's a bit more remote now. So I made plans to call in whilst in the area.

I've always known that the most of the station was demolished post closure, but nothing can prepare you for what is total obliteration of the railway artifacts. The saving grace is that the road bridge and associated cutting survive. Other than that, I'll have to rely on the handful of old photos and the snippet of cine-film that I have.

This is where the platform and maybe the station building would have been. We are standing on what was the track-bed.

Looking down the cutting. Other than the bridge, it is the only evidence of a railway ever having been here.

The bridge is in fairly good condition and I have comprehensive photos to aid my model building.

Looking back down the cutting from the road. No, that's not a goods shed!

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