Sunday 27 July 2008

Brafferton Update - 2. Design Pt ii

So, with the kind help of Alan Smith, I had a nice set of baseboards; albeit in flatpack form. I'm sorry to say that despite having these for several months now, they have not been progressed:

With the change in the geometry of the baseboards, I decided to change the layout design. There would still be three fully scenic boards, but the staging would be on two only and therefore the layout would be more than 50% scenic. I could not now show all of the scenic boards and meet the Layout Challenge criteria. Nevertheless, I will proceed. If I need to designate a smaller area for Challenge purposes, I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Here is my first stab at the redesign:

However the longer track length on the new design got me thinking; could I revisit the actual station plan (ie OS map) and get the layout plan almost to scale length? Here is the 1909 OS extract with various jottings and computations:

Better than I thought! The length from the bridge to the end of the coal drops can be modelled without compression and gives, what I think is, a rather elegant plan:

Now to progress the baseboards. Trackbuilding has already commenced, courtesy of Easitrac, but more of that next time...

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