Sunday 2 March 2008

Stoke Up Fireman

A somewhat frustrating week, modelling-wise, with little progress to report. Here is a quick catch up on the work that did get done in the earlier part of the week...

Was it the frustration of the problems reported last time which slowed things down? Perhaps. Here we see the twiddled front end; I think the upper frames are slightly better seated now.

The cab overlays were also affixed along with the handrails. As with the tender, these handrails are etched and despite my initial misgivings about this idea, I think they've come out rather nice. I also enjoyed sweating the overlays on. Some care was required here to align the structural side with the half etched overlay. The handrail holes helped this process and I'm quite happy with the end result; it's starting to look like a loco now!

Because we have a kit designed solely for 2mm scale, the cab interior parts can be used with no fuss or bother; in 4mm shoot-downs you tend to find clearances are zero and it all gets a bit fiddly to make it work. Some backhead detail would be nice; I'll probably fabricate something from plasticard/brass once I've finished the kit.

Lets hope next week proves more fruitful than last...

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