Tuesday 26 February 2008

Glasgow Show Update

Anyone who took time out to travel to Glasgow Show will know that it was worth the effort. If you were an exhibitor, however, food had to be brought by those wishing to eat it.....! Yes it came as something of a surprise to me too. It did not spoil our enjoyment of the event. Look at the concentration on the face of Miles Sissling. Sometimes we couldn't even get in to play. As many will know the venue is similar to Warley but it is smaller, easier to get to and costs less to park than Warley. The organisers did well to produce what they did. I bought another blue diesel (class 37) for the DCC layout that is being formed in my head so don't be too surprised to see things like that (and DYNAMIS) turn up at Group Meetings in future...............!

One casualty was the red bus. The rechargeable battery gave up the ghost and was only holding a charge for one trip. That has been the first job since arriving home. I have converted the power suply so it now runs on 1.5v battery similar to those that can be obtained for digital calipers that everyone has (or should have by now). It runs very slightly faster than it used to but that will slow as the battery gets low. This is without a resistor so I think that's pretty good. I will monitor to see how long the battery lasts. The beauty of using these batteries is they can be bought in Tesco at 2 for £1.89. I'm happy with that so far. Another failure was the J94 - but that too is repaired and ready for the next outing to Macclesfield on the 8th/9th March

It's good to see others doing a bit of posting here again but to enhance the NEAG Blog experience I have added further links to other 2mm modelling websites and blogs. Have a look and see whats going on around us.
Keep the posts coming everyone. Mick S


David Short said...

A good supply of small watch/digital caliper type batteries can be obtained from the £1shop or similar if you have one. The come on a card of various size batteries (50 in total) including 10 of the size you have used. Don't know how long they would last, but considerable cheaper than Tescos!
For information - they are branded HYUNDAI.

David Short

greybear said...

I enjoyed the Glasgow exhibition, and spent some time admiring Wansbeck Road (again.) The couplings always seem very reliable and unobtrusive. After recent frustrations building another variety of couplings I can't wait for the unveiling of the updated Elektra.

Jim Straker