Friday 8 June 2007

A Place Of My Own

One thing I learnt a long time ago was that my modelling was much more enjoyable and my output much greater if I had a dedicated workspace of my own. Trying to model from a portable tool kit on the dining room table was definitely not me!

Here are some images of my new modelling den, located in a large understairs cupboard, purloined from the domestic authorities! The central heating boiler hangs on the wall in the corner so it is all very cosy and snug. Not sure why the builders fitted a radiator as well!

The project has been done on a budget, mainly by negotiating good deals on damaged/soiled stock from a local timber merchant.

This shot shows the understair return which will be my dedicated painting area. The industrial low voltage high intensity lamps with flexible necks are ex-sewing machine lights, obtained 2nd hand and very reasonably priced from Bill Rankin. A plastic desk pen drawer can be seen beneath the worktop.

This shot shows the main workbench along the rear wall, which gives me 2 workstations. 40mm thick kitchen worktop is used for the workbench, the back and sides are lined with adjustable steel shelving uprights with beech effect 'contiboard' infills, tools etc hung on square cup hooks, 6' double fluorescent batten providing general illumination. Several shallow plastic pen drawers fitted under the workbench provide further tool and widget storage. Mains power provided at the back of the bench using hi-fi style mini plugs and 6-way trailing sockets screwed to the back panels (purchased from CPC). These diddy plugs save loads of space and I standardised on them many years ago for my modelling gear.

This shot looking through the door shows shelving above, with 'Niddbeck Bridge' resting on the big shelf. Cheap cardboard postal boxes are used on the upper shelves to store kits and bits.

This shot shows the inside of the door, lined with 'contiboard' and used to store sheet plastic materials in 18"x12" poly bags, hole punched along the top , and hung on rows of 4 square hooks. Packets of wire, Evergreen strip etc also hung on hooks. Old plastic 12" hacksaw blade boxes used for storing metal sections, tubing etc.

Edward S

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Peter Whitehead said...

Very nice. Most of us can only dream of such luxury. I have to model from a table, packing away after every session which severely cuts into modelling time.

My kids 27 & 25 being still at home won't let me take their rooms!!

Peter Whitehead 2mm Assoc.