Monday 11 June 2007

After The Ball Was Over

...and after the meeting:

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Nearly there. This work was done Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Polishes up rather nicely, no? The etched handrail have come out better than I expected. Just needs castings affixing, fall-plate attaching and motor inserting.

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Shot of rear of tender. I am not sure about the top lamp bracket. It doesn't seem to match the Isinglass drawings whichever way I affix it. Any suggestions?

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The tender front showing brake and water scoop handles. The instructions indicate that the brackets for these protrude above the ledge. That would seem to make the handles too high and is contrary to photos and drawings I have. I've inverted the bracket and reamed out the holes in the base so that the handles sit lower.

Hopefully this week I'll finish the tender and start the loco proper. I've decided to model a D49/2, but not narrowed it down to a particular loco yet. Watch this space...


Yorkshire Square said...

Graham Ross asked about the hi-res pictures or lack thereof. Reading the help pages on Picasweb (who do the picture hosting for Blogger), it seems I was trying to upload too many high definition images into one single post. To overcome this, I first tried splitting the post in two. Without success. So I've fallen back to hosting the pictures at ImageShack and the thumbnails should now link you to the appropriate image.

Gram said...

Sorry Tony, I didn’t realize it was going to be complicated. But it makes so much difference - many thanks

Graham Ross