Saturday 31 July 2021

NEAG Meeting (yes, physical meeting..!) 31st July 2021

 I am pleased to be able to report that fifteen NEAG members attended the NEAG HQ today and 'resumed' (we hope) what we joined the 2mm Scale Association to do - namely associate with like minded souls, rabbit on about model railways, matters pertaining to them, generally socialise finishing off with a bite to eat and a firm commitment to meet again soon - and that's what we did.

The afternoon was very much a bring along and show what you've achieved during the lockdown period and as you will see from the photographs we had a few examples of the 2mil modellers art.

Below are three shots of some of the buildings for Peter Brown's excellent Alston layout built to fine scale 'N' using the fiNetrax track system and the travel case that contains them when in transit.

Below, Rod McCall is building Teasdale 2 which is a his slightly modified version of his original 2mm fane scale layout and it is coming along very nicely.

Andrew Gibson has made some progress on his relatively modern creation Swinton, the trackwork and civil engineering showing some very competent weathering techniques. 

Below is Geoff Hall's colliery based micro DJLC size layout - this too is coming along very well. The first picture is a close up with the wider view showing the fiddle yard.

Ted Burt smiling, probably because he's the proud owner of one of those new Kato Azumas..!

John Aldrick, also smiling, (wind maybe..?) displaying in front of him his latest work. John builds a lot of coaches and as a result is very good at it. This is reflected in what he has on the table on display.

Anthony Yates brought along his DJLC entry which I have to say I find very inspirational. This is just what a micro layout should be in my view. There isn't an attachable fiddle yard (I've no idea if Anthony is planning one) but it seems to be just right as it is. The loco is a  Highland Railway 'Scrap' tank. The bottom picture is a 'Barney' 0-6-0.

Below here are a couple of general views of the meeting which was as spaced out as we could make it, just to be on the safe side.

Mustn't forget the ladies who looked after us with our tea. All food was pre-prepared this time with the exception of the fruit scones which had to have fresh cream and home made jam added just before consumption. Well, it can't be any other way can it? 
Thanks to Yvonne and Fiona again.

Form an orderly queue everyone - which, of course we did...!

Finally, the table in the foreground had on it some wagons and a couple of locomotives with rebuilt chassis. This was partly the product of my confinement during lockdown. For some reason I didn't take any pictures close up but perhaps more about my exploits another time.

Hopefully this meeting is start of getting some semblance of normality back - my fingers are crossed.

Mick S. 

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