Sunday 28 March 2021

 Not a progress report - though there is a bit of progress - not even a crowing account of my latest achievement (!). But a request for opinions, so feel free to pile in because I can't decide what's best. My new project, Sovereign Colliery Junction includes a short length of colliery branch. I decided to scenic this little section before doing anything else to sort of get my eye in. I'm tying to create overgrown neglect with that industrial waste land with which many of us are familiar - puddles, evil looking water, sparse and sickly grass. What I cannot decide is whether all this looks better with a fence along the line of the railway, or left open. The pictures show the comparison:

Without fence:

Or with fence:

I'll be grateful for any thoughts.



Mick S said...


In my opinion the fence definitely looks better and it would probably have been fenced anyway and it will be much improved when you weather it. Depending on time scale the fence might have been of the palisade type (for which Bob does a nice etch) or even a mixture of the two.

Coming along nicely.

Mick S.

Alan Whitehouse said...

Thanks Mick... I'm very much inclined to agree. This'll be the fence - I just like the look of it and it's here in stock! The time period will be 1970s principally but I'm trying to make it back dateable to the 1950s.. not much changed here and I think this type of security fence would have been new in the 50s and tired in the 70s so the weathering will be a compromise...