Sunday 22 November 2020

 Progress at Progress.

Hello all and welcome to another update from oop north and progress at Progress Pit.

The layout was aimed at the 2mil event at Derby but that now looks a long way off. But hey we can all look forward to something in the future. The layout is based on a colliery setting (looks a bit like Shotton) in the 60's and 70's when I worked for the NCB and these pits were beginning to close so they had a derelict look about them as more resources were given over to the super pits on the Durham coast. 

It is also good for me as I can do poor track and points really well

I am trying to create an atmosphere that suggests a run down screen area and a set of tracks that leads off into an exchange siding at one end and the rest of the pit under the screens at the other.

Most photos are of the screen area and what will be the entrance to the colliery. I chose Shotton because I have memories of crossing the rails in the family car. The crossing was always ungated but I guess in the 60's there was not the numbers of cars on the road as today. 

Turnouts are hand made I cant see well enough to get away with the kits so its soldering all the way. The ordinary track is the plastic base we all know and love. Buildings are built from card, my preferred material and painted to represent age and rust. Wagons are Bob Jones and even I can build them!

Look out for more photos. (Sorry they are not the best but its all my little camera can manage)

Stay safe 

Geoff Hall  

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