Wednesday 30 September 2020

 Mick has kindly admitted me to the brotherhood - thank you Mick - and said he was interested to see the long-lead point recently completed for Yeovil town.  It's an E15 on a curve - not in the Swinton class, but the longest I will be making, c. 9.5" toe-nose.  It's only unique (?) feature is that the switch blades are so long and thin that they needed 2 working tie-bars to keep the flangeway open through the switch - the simple yoked arrangement seems to work very well (maybe a single tie-bar would have sufficed if I didn't file down the foot of the switch rail).  As always, getting a smooth alignment right through it was the most time-consuming part.  Of interest - our pioneers who set out the 2MM finescale wheel and track standards obviously did a "proper job", as the wheel treads are supported right through the crossing without any dip at all.  And filing down and blackening the wing rails as per Geoff Jones' technique in the "Track" book shows off to particular advantage.

Best Wishes to all,

Laurie Adams


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Mick S said...

A cracking bit of work Laurie - I particularly like the method of operation with the 'yoked' arrangement of the two tie-bars.

I may be in the business of building a more modern turnout for a future project.

Mick S.