Tuesday 14 July 2020

More Progress

Afternoon all, hope you are all well and staying safe. There has been a bit of progress on my little layout.
Firstly a name! How about Progress Pit, not in the least original but at least its a name. Looking in some publications I came across Shotton colliery near Peterlee. About five miles from where I live and I have even ran on the trackbed following the line down to Sunny Hartlepool where its coal was shipped to London. The colliery crossed the main street into the village so I thought it would make a good location for me and its just a little way off where I first thought to locate it.

Photo 1
The layout in all its glory. Two fiddle yards and a scenic bit which fits the criteria for the layout challenge. Well it might. Two Tim Horn baseboards (they are brill) and association track and copper clad turnouts.
The other layout is 4mil but we wont talk about that.

 Photo 2
The screens, the building still need a lot of work but its slowly coming together 
 Photos 3 and 4.
Just a couple of snaps of the same area.

 Photo 6
My wagons in place. All Bob Jones kits!
 Photo 7
My only motive power, a very old farrish with the wheels turned to 2 mil standards. Its a bit temperamental but it does work. Sorry for some blurry shots but I hope you get a feel of it.

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