Thursday 11 June 2020

Progress. Its alive!

Hello all, just a few more photos of the layout.
Its progressing ok(ish) and moving in the right direction. Havn't thought of a name yet so its still the layout

Just an overhead of the break into the fiddle yard. The structure is meant to be a grotty rundown pit head and loading point. All the points are handbuilt with copper strip al la the old skool. I did try some new plastic ones but I cant see the the small components too well so its soldering all the way. They have come up ok and Ive tinkered with them so that the wagons and loco run through pretty well.

The track nearest the camera is just for show and will include the wagon seen as a scrap wagon being slowly filled. Im looking to make the building on the left a small wagon repair shed hence the need for  scrap wagon.

 The limit of my photography skills on this one.

The background kit is supposed to be 4mil but I think it looks ok in relation to the pit head which I have just built using card and brick wall paper. The whole lot will be weathered to look like a dirty pit yard. (I used to work for the NCB and can tell you that pits were not clean or very tidy!!!)

Never mind onwards and upwards.

As Mr S knows I'm not good at electrics so its all basic wiring, and I mean basic. The eletrics work and my little shunter is quite at home up and down the track. I still think DCC stands for Durham County Council.

Geoff H

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