Friday 1 November 2013

LNER/BR N10 0-6-2T

At least some of you must have thought "Whatever happened to that N10 he was building?"

Well after a good deal of practice (and I mean a lot of practice......!) with my new Iwata, I think I finally re-learned the art of painting with the new airbrush. I got myself two - a Neo CN and an Iwata HB-SB Plus, both of which are really nice to operate and once you get used to them very capable bits of kit. Nice quality feel to them too. No I'm not a rep, I just think there's a world of difference between these and what might be regarded as the lower end of the market.

In fact brand new at £55.00 the Neo CN is ridiculously low priced for what it is. 

Anyway, enough of that. I attach a couple of pictures of the paint job so far.

Above is the model which has been painted in anticipation of weathering being applied. Because of that the finish is matt (Precision Blackberry Black) with Fox waterslide transfers. Now they don't like matt surfaces so I gingerley applied them and left them over 24 hours so they had a little bit of a hold then very carefully lightly brushed over the whole of the side tank with a very thin solution of Humbrol matt acrylic varnish. Seems to have done the trick. It will certainly keep them in place until I have completed the various stages of weathering and added the final coat of varnish. The undercoat is car plan cellulose red oxide and the buffer beams are just that, masked slightly by using a cut out old rail ticket and then occasionally lightly sprayed over with the body colour. I don't remember ever seeing a brightly painted buffer beam all the time I was a youthful train spotter.....!

Just to be cruel I thought I'd include this full frontal. Aye, I know what you're thinking - I dont know where the smoke box locking handles went either. I'm not stripping the paint off again...................

There is still quite a bit to do including re-instating a couple of springs on the chassis which were damaged when I masked them and left the job too long before returning to finished it off. You've probably all done the same thing yourselves at some stage.    No? 

Oh well....................................

Mick S.

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