Thursday 3 October 2013

In the Distant

North East Area Group meeting information.
Saturday 5th October 2013
Saint Barnabas Church Hall, Burnmoor.
Time - Please Note 2.00pm – 5.00pm. (approx.)

Just a short reminder that our next meeting on the 5th October will be devoted to the subject of making boiler fittings for models of steam locomotives. I will be bringing along my Peatol lathe and some bits of kit I have either manufactured myself or just accumulated over the years, to assist me to tell you all I know about making chimneys and domes etc. So, I hear you say, the talk and demonstration will take all of five minutes…….!

I will be supported by Bob Jones and Edward Sissling who have kindly agreed to bring their own machines with them, so there may very well be a little bit of try it yourself type audience participation. If anyone else has a small lathe then by all means bring it with you as these things always seem to generate a bit of interest. If small lathes are not within your budget plans, there are other methods of turning boiler appendages and I will endeavour to cover those too. Just to proove it can be done I will have with me a couple of locos that have fittings made using such ‘lathe free’ methods.

I do not think that in the time available we will be able to make a complete set but before we break for tea I would like to think you will all get the flavour of:-

1 Fly cutting the item to ensure it sits nicely on the boiler or if fly-cutting is not possible, the other method using a mini drill held in a vice or other contraption.

2 Manufacturing a screw in base to ensure the job can be machined and easily fixed to the boiler.

3 The pleasurable part of using files and emery paper to fashion the required shape. Should be a good  afternoon - if I can remember how I did these things the last time.

Mick S.

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