Sunday 4 August 2013

NEAG Meeting report 3rd August

The photograph below shows a good turnout to hear John Aldrick's excellent presentation describing how he builds coaches. They're coming along nicely and John gave plenty of hints and tips on how he gets the results he does, although he did make clear to those present that people may wish to find their own 'ideal method' because, as we all probably know, there are many ways to achieve a good result. John's methods do seem to work and I'm sure many will follow his lead.

Also on display during the course of the meeting was a little gem built by David Long. Called 'Water Lane', this is a small demonstration layout that David takes with him to shows on occasions when he is demonstrating the virtues of 2mm scale. The picture immediately below shows the extent of the layout which has a fiddle yard at each end. Because the yards only comprise a single track on a piece of 2" x 1" they are dubbed 'fiddlesticks'.....! (pictured below the layout)

Both John and David have said they will give me some material for publication to a wider audience through the pages of the 2mm Magazine.

The two pictures below show the latest offering from Proxxon which has already been subject of some favourable comment on the VAG. This example was brought along by Edward Sissling whose family business has an account with Proxxon and anyone who wishes can purchase these beautiful little machines from Edward whose contact details appear on the front page of every 2mm Newsletter.

Mick S.

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