Thursday 18 October 2012

NEAG Meeting 20th October 2012

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North East Area Group meeting information.
Saturday 20th October 2012
Saint Barnabas Church Hall, Bournmoor.
Time - Please Note 2.00pm – 5.00pm. (approx.)

A little later in the month than usual our next meeting will be as indicated.

On the 20th we will be looking at track work again and we are fortunate in having David Long show us how he is building track with plywood sleepers and Easitrac chairs.

Of course this method is probably inappropriate if you’re wanting to build a scale model of Kings Cross or Euston but for the lightweight type of layout such as David has recently built it’s well worth a shot because it certainly produces realistic looking permanent way. He has, I know, drawn up a number of different schemes, which if we’re lucky we’ll probably get sight of at the meeting.

If time permits one day I may even experiment with this method (once all of the other projects are out of the way…..!)

Speaking of 'other projects' I'm aware there hasn't been an update on the N10 0-6-2T for some time. There are reasons for that but nothing at all to do with railways so I won't bore you. The good news is that in the next couple of weeks I hope to be doing a little work on the locomotive and will be able to let interested parties see the results.

Mick S.

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