Sunday 24 June 2012

NEAG 30th Anniversary Celebration

Well, there it was gone............! (as my dear Mother used to say) A fair amount of planning and preparation by all concerned resulted in what turned out to be an enjoyable day for all who attended. Thanks especially to those who travelled a good distance from the far flung corners of the Kingdom (and Liverpool........!). Something of the order of 80 people were there on the day enjoying the delights of 2mm modelling (and fine cuisine........!) .

Below are some pictures which may show a slightly different view to the ones that will possibly be posted elsewhere.

A little bit of re shuffling went on to accommodate an almost last minute cancellation, but things worked out pretty well in the end.

We managed to get Bob's Fence Houses (or rather Bob and his team did) into the allotted space without too much difficulty, although Bob and others did burn a little midnight oil in the process the night before the event.

Watch the VAG for more pictorial records of the day. I think there may even be a little video footage kicking about too. I have some different shots taken for the 2mm Newsletter so there should be plenty of variety eventually.

Above - Fence Houses setting up on Friday night. "I'm sure this bit goes here........!"

Above - Set up activity on Saturday morning.

Above - Event in full swing 1. Centre is Rod McCall working on Coal Road.

Above - Event in full swing 2. Geoff Jones chatting with Steve Cooper. 

Above - Event in full swing 3. In the foreground is David Long's Mayfield Street.

Above - Meanwhile, in the kitchen............
Left to right Audrey, Gerry, June, Yvonne and Sue. All caught in the act of cooking but managed to turn toward the camera on cue......!

Above - Marvellous civil engineering on Tiviotdale.

Above - Brafferton, coming along very nicely indeed.

Above - The long look down Fence Houses from Black boy bridge. Alan Pearson's scenery and woodland much in evidence here.

Thanks to all who made it such a really good day out.

Mick S.


Ian Morgan said...

It was well worth the long drive to get there, thanks to all involved.

Great layouts, useful stands, good company, and wonderful food.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, thank you for sharing the photos with the rest of us!

I am very curious about the legs/stands used in Fence Houses - they look like high tech sawhorses and I was wondering what you called them and who is the manufacturer?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind comments relative to the evbent.

In relation to the legs for Fence Houses, Bob has used a standard metal adjustable trestle from Aldi. They came in at around £10 and have had small modifications done to them to fine tune the already adjustable height.

In common with such things sold by Aldi they are not on sale in store all of the time but do come up now and again, so you have to watch out for them. Other companies sell them too. David Long also uses them for Mayfield street.

Hope this helps you.

Mick S