Saturday 10 December 2011

NEAG Meeting update

Today at Bournmoor a good number of group members brought along samples of the various projects they have been working on. It is always good to see that others (like me, see later) go home from the meetings and get cracking on some modelling. As the pictures show we had a number of things worth looking at.

I think it is fortunate Anthony Yeates now lives in the NEAG catchment area so we will get a regular chance to see how Invernuek is coming along. I love micro layouts like this and travelling as it does in a box file Anthony can almost bring it along at the drop of a hat. (of course you could live in London and be in our catchment area)

Next pictures show the work of Ian Lister whose scenic modelling skills we admired. This is the front and rear view of the fish market on his on his home layout. If you are able, zoom in on the individually made fish boxes on the platform in the upper view. There is much of interest here and Ian is going to write something for the 2mm Magazine on the construction of the fish boxes and his method of producing exceptionally realistic stonework.

There were a number of small projects produced from members pockets as they gathered around in small groups to pick each others brains and generally enjoy a free afternoon without the discipline of any specific topic. The 2mm Magazine will also benefit from the work of John Taylor who has been producing driving wheels in a different way to normal and Philip Stead (middle picture above) who is modelling the Redmire branch - well not all of it.....! Something for the new year.

One member, Graham Eason, is branching out into the world of retail. Graham will be trading as Vintage Transport in Miniature at Unit 5, Corner Emporium, The Mall, Middlebrough. 

Graham's website can be found at 

Always one to support a new venture I must have been one of the first to purchase a railway item from him in the form of a Bachmann Farish Met Cam 101 DMU. The picture below the one of Graham DOING BUSINESS shows it at 10pm tonight sitting on Wansbeck Road already finescaled.........!

Last but by no means least here we have Yvonne and Audrey in the kitchen slurping away at some Bucks Fizz and then immediately below that is a view of what they served up. Thanks to the ladies, it didn't take long for us to polish most of it off....................

12 inches to the foot pies, pizzas, cake and sandwiches. Yummy.
See you all next year.

Mick S.

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Vintagetran blog said...

Thanks for the plug Mick. I should however add for those of you who are about to dive into their cars in order to escape the pre Christmas present wrapping nightmare the shop won't be open until January the 8th. Finally the Lorries mentioned by Rod in the newsletter are the culmination of my lorry project and members can buy them through me at £3.50 for the 2 vans and FJ Flatbed and £4.50 fror the 8 wheelers and Karrier Bantams. Graham Eason