Wednesday 7 December 2011

In the Distant for NEAG meeting 10th December

North East Area Group meeting information.

Saturday 10th December 2011
North East Group HQ, Bournmoor.
Time - Please Note 2.00pm – 5.00pm. (approx.)

Our next group meeting will be our last one before Christmas so as is normal around this time of the year there will be no specific topic for discussion/demonstration. So whatever you have been working on bring it along. Small locos, that latest wagon or coach even an embryonic layout....! Yes there is nothing ruled out, just bring it along and show everyone what you have been up to. In addition as you will all know at our December meeting the usual afternoon tea is supplemented by all sorts of Christmas’y things.

For my own part, if you have looked at the NEAG blog lately, you will see I have been building an LNER N10 0-6-2t. Well I have changed my tack with regard to the powering of the N10. I originally used a Nigel Lawton 8mm diameter midi motor which really is quite small. However this is a small tank loco and what I wanted to do was to be able to see right through an unobstructed cab with no bits of motor or other paraphernalia. Unfortunately in order to do this using the 8mm midi motor meant a little of the rear of the motor was visible just ahead of the tanks at the front of the loco. I lived with it for a while and then it got the better of me.

The net result can be seen in the latest pictures, gone is the copper tube boiler, which couldn't be re-used because part of it had to be cut away to let the bit of motor stick out, and gone is the brass 'container' it used to be mounted, it having been substituted for a smaller machined mounting. In comes a brass boiler, which I have to confess does look better and when the boiler is removed the diminutive Nigel Lawton 6mm diameter motor can be seen. You can see what I mean by reference to the first picture below. At the time of writing this I haven't had the thing running with its new motor but I will have tried it before Saturday's meeting, and yes, you've guessed it that's what I'm bringing along as a work in progress.

Oh yes.... almost forgot. The wheels old series 2 whitemetal centred driving wheels have been replaced with a set of my own manufacture. I know the crank boss is a little larger than it needs to be but..........

"it's my train set..........!"

See as many of you as possible on Saturday

Mick S

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