Sunday 15 August 2010

NEAG Meeting update

First, just a quick word in appreciation of the postings of Tony Simms. Cheerio Tony and thanks for the contributions you have made to the NE blog during the course of your time on it. I'm sure everyone wishes Brafferton wider publicity with RM web. We'll follow with interest.

As the picture above shows there were the usual number of attendees for Tim Shackleton's slide show presentation and weathering demonstration. Here we see TS in full flow, having completed the slide show and now discussing the methods he employs in his weathering. Shortly after this he set to and weathered an American SD40 diesel in a very short time using a mixture of airbrush and paint brush techniques. He then went on to do the same thing on a 2mm O4 class locomotive which had been brought along by Alan Whitehouse.

Very interesting, as I'm sure all present would agree.


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Yorkshire Square said...

A very enjoyable afternoon, with some straightforward yet effective techniques displayed. Time well spent!