Saturday 2 January 2010

20th Century Boy :: 21st Century Schizoid Man

The dawn of a new decade! (Unless you're a pedant and propose waiting another 12 months.) New resolutions, new dreams, new aims!

Hang on a minute. I didn't complete a single layout in the last decade. And my previous effort was completed in the last Century. So much for focus and drive...

I really must make an effort to get Brafferton finished by 2020. (Diamond Jubilee Layout Challenge, anyone?) To have it something like presentable by July would be a great bonus and progress is currently steady but sure. To alleviate the boredom of wiring, I'm also pushing on with the scenics. The station buildings need resolving; there is not a scrap of the original buildings remaining and I have three photographs all showing much the same detail all at oblique angles.

Using some fairly rudimentary drafting skills, counting brick courses and extrapolating measurements from the photos, and also using various written commentaries, I cobbled together some elevations for the main buildings. These were then copied, pasted to card and rough mock-ups made. Satisfied with the proportions of these, I roughed-up some platforms with a view to getting the best placement for the buildings:

As you may be aware, the full size station was dead straight, but the model is on a constant curve. I'm not sure that making the buildings as a curve would particularly work (!), so some compromise is necessary. Original plasterwork has had to be carved back to give sufficient space for the buildings. You can also see here that I've reworked the rear of the scenery to accommodate the siding more subtly:

Down on the floor, some impression can be gained of the effect aimed for. The road bridge seems suitably distant:

This is one of the few photos I possess of the real thing; in this instance, kindly sourced by Andy Hanson. If anybody has a couple of dozen unpublished shots of the the station, I can arrange a trade-in for beer tokens:

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