Tuesday 19 May 2009

Posing the 04

As well as model railways, one of my other keen interests is photography. However, I've never really mastered the art of taking good model shots. Maybe I'm in too much of a rush, maybe I don't get the lighting just right... most of the pictures I take for this blog are purely for the purpose of recording progress (or lack thereof) rather than as a picture in its own right.

Having nearly finished the 04 (wheels back from Gordon at the end of last week), I thought I'd try and take some more worthy snaps; here are my initial attempts. The first thing that struck me is how obvious some of the original colours are showing through on roof edges, grab handles and coupling rods. To be fair these are substantially less apparent on the actual model (thank goodness!). I'm quite pleased with the actual photos; I think my technique is improving. These images posted here are about 25% of the resolution of the original shots; imagine how scary they look!

The model now awaits DCC chipping; I think I'll get one of the Zimo chips which should be small enough to go in the cab area.


Nigel Cliffe said...
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Nigel Cliffe said...

Zimo MX620 won't fit, far too big.

CT DCX74 or DCX75 fits, as does the new small TCS. The CT has superior motor control, and an up to date file in JMRI/DecoderPro (I wrote it).

Various bits and pieces on the CT in a Farish 04 can be found on http://nigelcliffe.blogspot.com/
I think you need to stand back a little more from the models, there is some curvature in the shots; look at how the vertical lines on the loco fans out over the width of the shot.