Saturday 4 April 2009

NEAG Meeting update

Today the attending members of the group were treated to a display of how quickly and efficiently to assemble a small exhibition layout. Edward described and demonstrated the benefits of adequate planning and had Niddbeck Bridge up and just about running (would probably only have taken another 5 minutes to get to this stage had he brought along the controller and stock) with the time taken no more than 30 - 40 minutes and that includes stopping, talking and answering questions. Anyone who is planning a layout would have gone away with an idea or two. (me included...!)

Edward also put on his official Association hat and showed the bare bones of what will be an attraction for prospective members visiting the Association Publicity stand at an exhibition, namely a minimum space demonstration scenic test track. His previous post on this blog will show what we all saw in the 'flesh'

Just before tea we all set to packing the latest edition of the 2mm Magazine, the picture shows all.............!

So, ladies and gents your magazine is on the way.,

Mick S

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