Sunday 1 February 2009

Underneath the Arches (Reprise)

A very satisfying modelling day, manning the Association stand at Festival of BRM Harrogate with further work taking place later at home. 

I'd been dreading having to insert the brick linings on the arches, the job being made harder by the bridge being on a skew. Substantial inserts and supports were needed to avoid the brickwork bowing in the wrong direction. My understanding of the geometry of such shape is fuzzy at best and as usual a suck-it-and-see approach was the order of the day. A bit of tweeking was needed to get the to sit home properly and the end result isn't perfect; fortunately 95% of it isn't visible unless you poke your head into the cutting on the layout!

The coping stones on the tops of the piers were also commenced at Harrogate and finished at home:

The final job of the day was to "grout" the arches which are individually placed pieces. I used milliput and squeezed it in with a damp finger; memories of nursery school and plasticene and clay come flooding back:

Just the coping on the parapet walls to do now, and then I can start blending the roadway in with the rest of the layout.

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