Tuesday 27 January 2009

NEAG Meeting 7th February

Since the last meeting I have been asked to provide more information on the subject of machining ‘N’ Gauge wheels to make them suitable for running on 2mm fine scale track. The foundation of this was contained in the NEAG blog entry I did during November last year.
As a direct result of this I intend to take along my lathe to the next meeting and show you all first hand how relatively easy it is to do. I think this machining of wheels is only relevant to converting ‘N’ stock and not at all appropriate for Association etched wagon underframes. In this case Association wheelsets are most definitely the best option since they are designed specifically for them. This is relevant in relation to the new breed of coaches from Dapol and Bachmann (although a slightly different approach is necessary in each case) and the variety of modern wagons etc provided by both manufacturers.
We were going to start on the topic of layout planning this time but I thought I’d strike while the iron’s hot..........! All will be revealed on the day.
Anyone in the area of Harrogate over the weekend of the 31st Jan/1st Feb is invited to come and see us at the BRM show at the Yorkshire Exhibition Centre where we will be with Wansbeck Road and the Association Publicity Stand.

Do come and see us if you can.
Mick S

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