Thursday 6 November 2008

I Dream of Wires

Another small step forward in the race to have "Brafferton" something like for Expo 50. As I am going down the DCC route, the layout will be wired accordingly. To be honest, I can't see that there will be that much difference from an analogue set-up other than the ommission of isolation switches. And I might still put some of those in yet, for de-bugging purposes.

So, on board 1, we have a very technical arrangement; two rails, two busses and three connections! You will see that I did manage to position some copperclad sleepers over a baseboard truss, hence the wire runs at an angle from the trackbed to the main board:

Here you may marvel at the complexity of it all! On the next board the busses will need to be offset to avoid the various point mechanisms etc. but here they can just follow the approximate line of the track. Short term there are flying crocodile leads to allow power to be connnected:

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