Wednesday 26 November 2008

Brafferton Update - 11. Track & Scenery

Progress continues apace. Well fairly briskly anyway! As I mentioned previously, trackwork is the focus and I am quite relieved that the points on the main board are all in place and functioning. You will see that there are a few gaps in the trackwork; these will be infilled with Easitrac over the next week. I also need to fabricate the cross board pieces to take me onto board No.3:

The more observant of you (you are paying attention, aren't you?) will notice the beginnings of scenery on board No.1. This is the cutting with a gap left for the road bridge to span the track. This is the sort of stuff I'm looking forward to!

Also, today, I visited the Darlington model railway shop. What a difference from the old C&G setup. Decluttered and all stock displayed nicely; what a revelation. Made some purchases which will be useful as the layout progresses. Next update soon. Hopefully...

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Andy Hanson said...

Looking very nice Tony. Look forward to seeing more updates as work progresses.

I called into the model shop (North Eastern Models?) in Darlington a few weeks ago. I was amazed at how much bigger it seemed than in C&G days! And of course the outside is painted in true BR(NE) colours!