Monday 15 September 2008

2FS @ Shipley Show 20-21 September

I'm sorry I've not posted anything up for a while. I have plenty of progress on 'Niddbeck Bridge' to report and hope to start a putting something up again next week.

I've been very busy trying to get 'Niddbeck' exhibitable for it's first proper outing at the Shipley exhibition this coming weekend (20/21 Sept), where I will be co-located with Alan W's 'Mini-MSW' and the Association stand.

The reason for the posting is to request help from the Group for both layouts and the stand. Some of you (Mick S, Rod M, Andy H & Steve C) are already down to help, plus a couple of Pennine lads (Neil M & John I) but a couple more bods would be a help, especially on the Sunday. If you can spare half a day or a day please get in touch.

Shipley is one of the better small regional shows and is usually well worth a visit. It's about a 10-12 minute walk from Shipley station if you fancy a ride out on the train!

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