Monday 25 August 2008

Brafferton Update - 8. Baseboards Pt ii

Suitably refreshed on a pint and peanuts (the pub had stopped doing sandwiches) we resumed. Once gluing started, there was no stopping us. The upper and lower boards are grooved and this accurately places the upright members including the end faces. We discovered that the captive nuts were not fully threaded and so these had to be opened out with a M8 tap; Edward did this whilst James (member number three of our group) and I did the woodwork:

You can see the section of trackork laid and reported earlier in this series. Unfortunately a small section of it got damaged when two boards fell against each other. I think I can extract a fairly short length and replace it without disturbing the surrounding trackwork. As you can see, once the glue had set and the boards were bolted together, it was all rather solid:

Now to continue with the trackwork. The next board has points. Should be fun...

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